Yayy, It’s May again, Letter to “Aarav” from friendly Dad “Manoj”.

My Big Boy,

Exactly Seven Years ago today, we had you and i remember, I cried out of joy also scared to see you so small din’t even touched you first 24 Hrs. but loved you instantly. Then only knew i got a new company.  Your arrival is apropos of your awesome personality. Today from that day to today, You’ve grown a lot seems like time really flew.

You definitely got your mind and heart from your daddy. Thus your sensitivity come directly from me.  This time which we spent connected when the world is locked-up and disconnected, We felt safe, cosy and saw you growing, I heard your talks like never before, I was amazed on your senses and understanding. I never knew my kiddo has grown so big – well, Thus i have my new friend and company in you. now when you are understanding the world dear,  I want you to know I think that you should know what makes you special. That’s your power to understand things(your mind) I think it makes you stronger.  You’ll never leave anyone alone.  You’ll never forget an important day. You’ll probably be left out if not with the company, if you don’t get things you want doesn’t matter but its the people you want, But the fact is – I’ll be there always, I will be crying right along with you, so we’ll be there to lean on each other, when needed.

aarav 3I’ve been watching you closely lately.  This 7th year of your life has been a beautiful one, but one that has allowed me to glimpse the beginning of a journey.  You have always been my small friend, my sweet baby boy, my handsome.  And while you aren’t hitting your teen years, I can see a little bit of the Young man you will be.  Especially now that those front teeth you lost have come in.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-24 at 10.56.16 PM (2)You are smart. Very smart.  Don’t ever forget that smartness has his cool.  And if  few things you don’t like – there are bunch you like them – studying is cool too. So is playing.  And again. It’s all about you tried. You did well in HFS since your admission, Buddy, and I’m so very proud of you, but starting next year, studies are going to be serious and is going to take longer than now. Just a friendly warning from your loving Mommy “Yenki”.

If I was given a list of qualities I might gift to you, at the top would be Being Yourself. Being True to one is the best. People often try to imitate the best or success-full, that bully friend of yours or the cool one, That sport star or that player. live the way you are let be your true self come out as i believe there is only one you and no other so try to be Aarav always.

AaravSince you were the first & elder, your mommy and I have told you that your number one job is to protect Aayansh always.  That isn’t going to change in these next few years, but it will likely be harder to do.  I can already see that you are both mastering the art,  I saw you feeding him to taking him to bath.  When you are frustrated with your brother, you might not want to defend him or comfort him, but I’m going to ask you to try anyway.  The two of you have a special connection as you know its “MAY” (Manoj, Aarav/Aayansh, Yenki) – I want you to work hard to keep it. Be his Guardian today and ever.

Even at Six, you knew right from wrong.  That feeling you get in your heart, or your head, ‘this is right and THIS is wrong’…. follow it, trust it, embrace it.  I know it won’t always be easy.  but you have to choose what’s right and not what’s easy. I know its too much asking from you but this is what i want to tell you for your whole of life not just today thus imbibe it and let it be your light.

Right now, at seven, you come to me with everything.  You are completely transparent. you have lesser questions, you understand things. you know your space and giving others. you have become a responsible brother and a kind son. you have sat chatting with your mother to advocating your father. you have been bearing your little brothers mischief and been patient at school with friends to acting matured on your family trips.

aarav 2I always want to be your best father, the best teacher, the best friend, you could have. I learn more from you and your brother every day than I could possibly have imagined.  You allow me to see the world from a different height, through open, honest heart. You love equally, purely, you give unconditionally and play with all of your heart.  If only each and everyone at home subscribed to your life philosophies, we will achieve a better life..

Sorry but to mention I don’t want you to grow up?  That I don’t want you to ever stop questioning me, demanding from me, arguing and getting upset at times with me at night when we watch movies together or early in the morning, when we wanted to play? That I don’t ever want you to stop saying, “I love you, Dad” in the middle of the day? That I hope you won’t ever stop asking that when i raise Aayansh in my arms, you too run and jump in my arms saying me too.

Of all the little boys in the world, Aarav, you have my heart.  I was correct choosing your name Aarav : Peaceful Ocean, Can sense every drop of it now” Happy 7th birthday, my sweet small Gentleman…. I love you very, very much.

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