This is a very tough phase going on for the Real Estate Market in India. India’s housing market is stillin a recovering phase from a prolonged slump. However, the demand for commercial real estate has continued to grow with several large institutional investors thinking about putting in big investments into the real estate market.

For investors based in the UK, dealing in real estate market, India is one of the most important sector in the real estate markets, where they are willing to invest in. To encourage these foreign based investments, the Government of India has taken effective measures toencourage investments. With the prospects of long-term investors willing to invest in the commercial real estate sector, the market conditions have improved to a great effect in the last few decades. The commercial real estate sector looks relatively more attractive, than the domestic property sector.

Keeping this growth in mind, Commercial Sector in Real Estate can be the best bet when it comes to the growing of on going passive income and can really prove to be one of the best forms of Long Term Investment. This is because, investing in the real estate gives you the platform where you are using the money of a renter or a tenant of the commercial property; which can basically be considered other people’s money to pay off the initial investment. Besides, paying off the initial investment, it also helps one earn a passive income or build a diversified investment portfolio.

Ways to make the best use of the growth in the commercial sector:

  • Real Estate Mutual FundsThe low cost and the track record are the two most important features of the REM’s that the Investors like to swear on. Besides, the strategists of  the real estate mutual funds, many of whom are Nobel prize winners mutual funds are an added USP of the whole process. The Real Estate Mutual Funds have broad diversities among real estate holdings and low fees.
  • Investing in the REITs: Much equivalent to investing in the real estate mutual funds, REITs are also the forms of investment for those investors who want to invest in Real Estate without holding property. Many financial advisors themselves invest in REITs because they have a stable long time graph inspired the ups and downs in the real estate market.
  • Invest in companies focused on real estate: Companies that are focused on real estate can be anything ranging from hotels, resorts owners, time share companies. Do make sure that you diligently conduct a background search before investing in any other company. Do invest in these companies after researching on the company background, historical data and other details.
  • Investing in Construction: According to the market research, the boom in the commercial construction business will continue till some more years to go. It has been forecasted that a whole community of builders would involve in building new buildings or rent or lease the old ones, therefore it is no rocket science while it is recommended to invest in this industry.
  • Invest online: Online Genie to all investor’s Aladdin. Do not forget to check out those excellent websites that have cropped up and have helped the investor’s in investing without getting their hands dirty. These websites help you to invest in the commercial or real estate of your choice and get a constant cash flow as return.

Therefore, now is the best time to reap the returns by investing in the commercial real estate market.


Buying the first home comes with huge responsibilities some of which involves taking big decisions. This can be both scary as it is exciting. It is very easy to get carried over in the emotions of home shopping and make many wrong decisions that could leave you with filled with guilt even years later.

If this is your first venture as a homebuyer or it has been many years since you had dabbed your hands in the field of real estate, then knowledge is power. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the common mistakes which people make while buying homes for the first time.

  • Not being able to decide on a budget: Without knowing how much budget you could allow for a house, you waste both time and energyby looking at houses that you cannot afford yet, or by visiting homes that are below your budget.For many first-time buyers, the goal should be to plan to buy a house and get a loan with a comfortable monthly payment along with it that is 50% lower than his monthly income Sometimes, it is  a good idea to start with a low budget.
  • Looking for a house before a loan: Many first-time buyers make the mistake of zeroing down homes before ever meeting the financial institutions for a home loan. This decision might hit you hard if a home has a very tight inventory, or you select homes that you can’t afford.
  • Buying a house outside your budget: It is human nature  to fall in fall in love with luxurious homes that might be outside your budget, but stretching yourself can lead to regret and worse later. It can put you at higher risk of high interest and EMI and if you face tough times financially, it can lead to the losing of your home.
  • Not checking the Credit Scores: Banks will checkyour credit reports before sanctioning a loan and if the reports contains errors, you might get be offered an interest rate that is higher than it actually should bd. That is why it is a wise decision to make sure your credit report is accurate.
  • Draining your savings to build a house: Most of the first time house owners have a tendency to spend all or most of their savings on the down payment and closing costs. Keeping nothing in your hand for bad weather days is one of the biggest mistakes first-time homebuyers make.
  • Not looking for the best loan option: Do not delay in buying a home as you do not have enough arrangement for a down payment. There are plenty of loan programmes and some of them are government aided as well. Therefore, look through as many loan options as you can before you zero down on the final choice.
  • Not looking for a good neighbourhood: It is extremely important that you look for a good neighbourhood before you take the decision of investing the money. Selecting the right neighbourhood is very much critical for your family.

Avoid these common mistakes before you buy your dream home.

Buying a home is a dream come true for many people who pay high amounts off rent. But before you plan to book your home, it is prudent to do research so as  to reduce burden while repaying your home loan. Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), and the tenure of the loan and the rate of interest helps in deciding the interest of the home loan. If these basics are forgotten , home loans can bring an excess burden of repayment on the borrower.

In this article, we will try to discuss several ways to reduce the burden of home loan interest.

Ways to Reduce Home Loan Interest:

  • Go for a shorter loan tenure: A shorter loan tenure ensures that the buyer can make loan repayment faster and if loans are paid faster it results in lower rates of interest.A buyer must first understand the concept that paying out a higher amount does not necessarily mean thatincrease in the effective interest rate. When you think of an increase the total loan tenure it only results in the absolute interest pay-out. And the amount you pay finally increases with the increase in loan tenor.
  • Check before switching: If you think of transferring your loan to a new lender, who is offering a lower interest rate, this might result in saving up a lot more money. Most of the banks now are prohibited from levying any foreclosure charges on home loans and the floating interest rates. However there are things to consider before you change the lender.Firstly, before opting for a change, check for the balance repayment tenure. If you have just started your home loan, the process of switching to a new lender might not be of much use or profit to you.
  • Try paying a Higher EMI: If banks increases the rate of interest on a home loan, then to reduce the burden of interest the customers should opt for paying higher interest rate. This way borrower can avoid the total interest payment entire home loan duration. The best way to calculate EMI would be to keep the EMI below 50% of your net income. This way the borrower, if needed can step up and increase the EMI’s.Increasing the EMI helps to reduce loan tenure therefore ensuring that you can get rid of the loan as soon as possible.
  • Regular prepayments if possible: The EMI for the home loan is made up of two parts: interest charged on the borrowed sum and the main amount. During the first few years of repayment, the payment made is more towards the levied interest and less towards the principal. So, during this time, it is prudent for the borrowers to make part prepayments by making the bestuse of your work bonus, salary hike, and other income. Most lenders like government and non-government financial institutions, allow the borrower to part prepay your home loan without charging any fees.

The potential buyer can try these hacks to reduce the interest on the home loans.

In the real estate business, most of the sales are usually conducted by the Real Estate Agent or Realtor, in other words.The realtor needs tobe paid a commission which is a percentage of the overall sale price. However, depending on the size of the flat and the area you buy the flat in, the market  of the real estate business and the actual price of the flat, the commission of the realtors might range up to a few thousands of rupees. This might make many of the first time house owners wander as to whether to engage the services of an agent while buying a house.

Buying a house is one of the most important decision in life and buyers should be mentally prepared for the big decisions they need to make in the process.  Whether it’s applying to get a home loan or looking out for houses, making a mistake in choosing a house can lead to many future complexities.

What is the role of a Realtor?

The job role of a real estate agent includes helping the client in getting the home of their preference. That means the real estate agent will  guide you through the complex process of deciding which home is the best for you and the best locality to buy the home in according to the preferences of the member of the family. Besides, the agent also helps you in getting the best home loan for your need and therefore ensuring that you have enough funds while making the purchase.

Besides, most of the agents have excellent geographical knowledge of the area you want to buy a home in. Therefore, if you decide that you can do the house buying yourself , without the services of a Real Estate Agent, it means that you have to get into the complexities of house-hunting yourself.

Advantages of having an Agent

  • The most important reason to hire a real estate agent when buying a house is because they exactly know the important things to look out for while buying a new house.
  • The real estate agent is very familiar with the goings-on in the local market. Therefore, agents should be able to help you to determine the value of a particular home.
  • The agents can take you through the various home loan options and help you decide which type of home loan is best according to your budget.
  • Experienced real estate agents who are looking at houses day in and day out will be able to understand if there is any problem with the construction of the house and let their clients know about it.
  • The best benefit that a potential buyer would receive when they engage the service of a real estate  agent is that the buyers would have someone negotiating on their behalf for the best price.

Once you have made a deal with the agent and it has been accepted, a real estate agent  can help you sell through the extensive procedures that is required to purchase a dream home.

Buying a home is a very important decision in your life, and the more you dilly-dally, the more discouraging it gets. However, there are things which can stand in between the house of your dreams. You want to buy a new home, is much of a positive thing, not a negative one, and so it is important to ensure that you are ready for house loans when the time comes.

Here are tips you need brush on to get ready to buy a home within the next year.

Get Rid of Outstanding Debts

The most important things you can begin with is to work on paying outoutstanding debt, very importantly your credit card debt. Paying the credit card debt improves your credit score, and plays an important role on how much qualified the bank deems you to borrow when you apply for a mortgage. It may seem like a step which is not related to house buying, but getting rid of your loans means that you will not need to think much about finances when actually buy your home and everything will be easier. If you are thinking to buy a home soon, it is better to pay off theloan rather than settle the debt, because settling debt has a very bad effect on the credit score.

Make your credit score compact

It is important to make a compact and clear credit report before you even think of applying for a mortgage. You can start by applying for a copy of your credit report and your credit score to see you stand. The higher your credit score means you will be offered much lower home loan rates in India. Make sure that you arecleared off any debts that are pending or is past due date. Then work on paying the EMI on time for the entire months for a year. This will help improve your score. If the borrow-to-income ratio is lower, it can help you a lot. If you opt for closing a few of your credit cards, make it a point to leave the oldest one open, even if you never use it. The companies report if you are past the EMI payment time, so be sure to make all of your payments to utility companies on time.

Save Up a Down Payment

Saving up always helps. If you save a down payment before you apply for a home loan, it can boost your confidence that you are ready to buy a home. It can also help you as a shield against those extra costs that are identical to purchasing a new home. The biggerdown payment you make while purchasing the home, the more loan amount you get which you will be able to spend on a home. A large down payment can make your dream home look much affordable since you have saved so much down when had made the purchase. Take the initiative to save up your down payment and the additional money you will need for when you sum up the closing of your mortgage.

So, here are the tips to prepare to buy a new house.

Social Media marketing is very important nowadays for the promotion of for your brand and advertising for the properties online. Effective Social Media Marketing can make you equipped with the right tools, insights, and information related to real estate marketing. Many of the real estate agents are making it big on social media and in this article we would like to share some smart social media marketing tips to help you dominate your area of expertise.

  • Using Instagram and Instagram Stories: Getting more number of audiences engaged by asking a question in the last line of your Insta-story caption, is working very effectively these days. Getting audience poll, on real estate topics really is a very good form of social media marketing. Having more number of users to engage on your account is one of the best ways to promote your business and connect with your audience.
  • Using Facebook Effectively: It is an extremely good marketing strategy to useresidents in your area actively looking for homes on online portals and then follow them with Facebook Ads.In this way, you can use your social presence to get you in touch with more people who wants to invest in real estate.
  • Keeping it classy:Cursing, nudity or any form of vulgarity is absolutely prohibited when you use social media marketing platform. No need for cheap comparisons with the significant other company when you make your PDA. In order to be authoritative you do not have to be offensive in the approach of your content.
  • Understanding use of different social media platforms: Although Facebook and Instagram are among the most used social media platforms but it is also prudent to use Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest. It is very important to analyse the targettype of audience by going back to the business strategies which brought you to the hall of fame. In other words, go back to where the source of idea came from, by going straight to the source of the business. 
  • Use Videos when it is not even professionally made: The reality behind making videos is that the audience do not really carethat your video is not a professional made video. All the time, your hair need not need to be perfect and occasionally, it is perfectly fine if you are not a great orator sometimes. On social media marketing being yourself is the key. 
  • Using the right keywords: If you know how to use powerful keywords and the strong real estate hashtags for your content, your content is king.Using proper hashtags is an excellent way for homeowners and buyers to find your website. If you can use strong hashtags, you are investing in better way for you to tap into potential buyers and create more opportunities for your real estate business. 

The majority of the real estate market has moved online, therefore if you are into business, use these hashtags for crushing competition better.

In this 21st century, home buyers are tech-savvy and they depend more on social media than the website pages of any real estate agency. The trend of modern home buyers is that they want to know the pros and cons of a property before they take a move. Therefore, they want to interact with a real-estate broker, rather an individual who will help in making decisions unbiased. So, the chance of getting a response is ten times higher when promoting real-estate contents in a Facebook profile.


  • Posting photos on Facebook will grab more attention than anywhere else and it allows the users smoother browsing experience. Buyers can easily find out their desired property through a search engine and get a plethora of blogs on residential properties. That will answer to their demographic understanding. Interactive media like Facebook is always useful for a better understanding of the neighborhood. So, it is the first tip for the marketer to build a messenger chatbot, where the buyers can interact with the marketers personally. The benefit of a chatbot is building answers for similar questions commonly asked by the buyers.
  • The second tip is to highlight the city while promoting the property. You can add the facilities of the city where the property is located and add a map of roads connecting the highways.
  • The next tip for the marketers is, allow yourself to be on their side instead of saving your own interest. The buyers always prefer an agent who will protect their interest. In order to increase more followers on social media, the marketers should allow responsive layouts with share buttons on their website page. It will help the home-seekers connecting the real-estate marketers directly.
  • Similarly, using hashtags (#) can create more engagement on social media posts. It can be used relentlessly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, though Instagram allows limited use of it. Facebook gives the facility of making a real-time advertisement of property in a various way. For example, Facebook allows a 360-degree view of a residential property which covers every nook and corners that creates more interests to a buyer. Even it can capture the outside view of a property from its window, balcony, and roofs.
  • Similarly, Facebook live is a feature that allows the marketers to make an unedited video of the property and it lets the clients watch its current condition. The marketers can gauge their potential buyers through this by engaging a real-time audience. Sponsoring the events of community people and highlights the real-estate projects on local gathering is a good strategy for attracting clients. Facebook will allow the marketers to invite followers through their column of “Events”.
  • Apart from making events, marketers can access a lot of users with similar interests by creating a home-buyers’ group and inviting them. Even the clients can give reviews and recommendations that will boost the sell.
  • The last tip for the marketers is to educate the clients about the common mistakes of buying properties or providing tips for buying a home on social media posts.