Why Monsoon is the perfect time to buy a home?

At the time of the arrival of monsoon season, a real estate property which has been shown in positive light looks quite different.The surrounding areas might look a bit different, but you must use these problems to your advantage.During monsoon, prospective home-buyers can check different aspects of a home, before finally investing.

monsoon is perfect time to buy home

Now, here are some points which would become very clear to you only in the monsoon season only.

  • Opportunity of checking the site and construction quality: During monsoons, you get a golden opportunity to check the overall construction quality of the property that you are truly interested in.You can check on the quality of the washroom and kitchen and also the drainage system of the flat. Secondly, if you visit the site in monsoon, it is the best time for the reality check as to whether the same property has problems like waterlogging and traffic congestion during monsoon. A potential homebuyer must take the tour several times before you want to invest in the property.
  • Opportunity to get an insight into the infrastructure of the building: Monsoons is the best time to check whether the infrastructure of the building is good enough to sustain the extremities of the Indian weather. It is also the time to check the basic cleanliness that is there in the property and the neighborhood around it. Also, find out how the public transportation works in Mumbai and how frequent it is during monsoons. This is also the time to check the amount of time it would take to travel to a bus depot or a railway station if you are in for an emergency meeting.

  • You can bargain for discounts: Monsoon is considered to be a lean season in the market of real estate. Therefore, it is the best time to grab discount, especially for those buyers who are looking to buy some excellent resale properties. As there are not much buyers during this period of time, the sellers are willing to offer discounts if they see that the buyers are seriously interested in buying the property. Besides, in any state of India, the festive season begins from August to November. Therefore, keeping the festive season in mind the builders offer heavy discount on properties.

The Advantages of investing a property in monsoon

  • First of all, a prospective buyer can gauge if there are any problems pertaining to seepage and leaks in the property they are interested to buy.
  • If flaws are found in a property, the buyer can ask the developer to mend the same so that they do not face the same problem in future.
  • If you are buying a resale property, monsoon is the best time to check the condition of the house and how well the property has been maintained.
  • If a property is based on a low lying area which is prone to floods or traffic jam during the rainy season, the magnimosity of the problem could only be judged during the rainy season.


The rainy season gives the customers a valuable opportunity to make a note of valuable insights into the property they are intended to buying. This would help the buyer bargain and buy the property at the rightful price .

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