Factors that boost Mumbai as the most liveable city.

Mumbai has time and again jumped the liveability index and topped as the most liveable city in India. The liveability of the cities is decided on the basis of eight-core factors. These eight-core factors consist of demographics, education,safety, health and medical standards, housing facilities, socio-cultural-natural environment, planned growth structure and economic environment.

Ranked as one of the wealthiest cities of India, although Mumbai boasted of good connectivity and a very stable job market. However, a few decades ago, Mumbai was lagging from other metro cities when it came to all-round development in housing solutions, but at present, the picture is very different, not only has Mumbai come up with solutions to the housing problems, butthe city has also turned out to be a hotspot for the real estate business.

mumbai real estate

Here is the detailed insight of some of the factors which have contributed to promoting Mumbai as the most liveable city of India.

  • Climate: The weather in the city is always very pleasant. If you are living in Mumbai for a very long term, you would not complain of too hot and sweltering summers or a very harsh winter. The monsoons, are still a drawback for the city, but appreciating Mumbai rains has a charm of itself. The pleasant weather from November to March is still an added advantage for the people of Mumbai.
  • Security: Appropriately named by many as “The city which never sleeps”. Apart from a few news which made headlines, a few years ago, the crime rate in Mumbai is amazingly low. The new buildings and complexes which are being built up nowadays, are also keeping up to this title. Each of the buildings has proper safety measures for the senior citizens, women and children.
  • Mumbai Population: The population of Mumbai never ceases to amaze us. Home to the richest man in Asia and also to some of the biggest talents which India has produced in the world of sports, media and politics, Mumbai boasts of the ultimate crème-de-la-crèmepopulation of India. On the other hand, you can find all kinds of people who has come up to Mumbai from different cities of India and has made Mumbai their home and they gel along with each other very well.
  • The Upscale Facilities: Home to some of the world-class hospitals in the world, Mumbai is the second medical tourism destination of India, the first being Vellore. Besides, medical facilities, Mumbai is also the home to some of the best shopping malls, restaurants. Even the street food of Mumbai is part of a tourist destination and are as popular as any upscale restaurant and the food served is equally hygienic and finger-licking.
  • The Job Opportunities: Many corporates and business houses run their businesses with their headquarters in Mumbai. This has therefore seen in the rise of the luxury residential projects and affordable housing colonies in Mumbai, therefore making Mumbai the hub of real estate business. Besides, the job market in Mumbai is also open and is on the rise.


The city of Mumbai boasts of excellent connectivity through buses and trains. The monorails, taxis and metros all add up to making Mumbai, the most liveable of all metros.

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