Moving Home checklist before you move into your new home

Buying a new house is undoubtedly one of the most important financial and personal decision that a person takes in his life. Many people see the whole process as  an investment which they are making.After you invest in a property be sure that the property would keep you tied to it during a considerable part in the future, which is more like a commitment.

But, this investment might run into a huge loss if you buy the wrong type of house in the wrong neighbourhood. When asked for opinion, most of the real estate agents have opined that they mostly come across many homeowners who report them back with many issues which they have faced after they have purchased a house. The mistakes, however, are avoidable.

Things that should be in the priority checklist while buying the house.

  • Check the Roof: A leaking roof after several patch ups is one of the many problems, that house buyers for the first time face most frequently, after they have bought the house. But, if they had done a roof inspection in the first place itself before finalizing the deal, they would have been able to save a thousand bucks of the roof replacement. Water leakage problems, is definitely a pain in the wrong place, as it leads to permanent damage in the house structure after two or three years.
  • Check for moulds: Professionals you call upon for mould inspection often perform a mould inspection and identification process throughout the house, but things become much easier if you have already discovered a major mould problem yourself.  For this, you can perform the initial inspection yourself. As moulds can cause severe skin disease, be sure to protect your eyes, nose and skin from spore exposure by using goggles, a mask and gloves. Before you begin, think of all the times that you had faced plumbing issues in your homes, like water leaks. These water leaks are the cause of the birth of mould. As mould thrives in dark, damp places, it’s important to recall where leaks originated. This is where you should start your investigation. Look for visible signs of mould growth like dark stains and damp, musty odours. Remember what mouldy bread smells like, and let your nose guide you.
  • Painting: Before moving into the new house get the walls painted as you have always imagined your house to be. It is actually necessary to have the painting of the house to be done in the buffer period before you shift to your new abode because after you have done your shifting with all the luggage’s strewn around, it gets almost impossible to get the house painted properly. Not just the walls, make it a point to get all the existing furniture, doors and windows as well.

Other important things which you need to include in the checklist as well is the address update so that you can coordinate with the subscriptions of newspaper, mail, magazines, insurance policies etc to be delivered at your new address.

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