Mumbai : Hot-Spot for Luxury Homes

Real estate continues to remain the most favourite investment option in India mainly due it is safe and high returns are associated with it. The modern yet affordable lifestyle which is evolving very fast in the metros of India is also another reason why the sector for luxury homes are developing so fast.These apartments are also marked as a symbol of social status by the affluent class. That is the reason why Mumbai, which is counted among one of the richest cities in India has a part of its population investing in luxury homes in the city.

What are the main features of a luxury apartment?

A luxury flat, condominium or a penthouse, there are a few steps in order for an apartment to be qualified as a luxury apartment.

  • The locality should be extremely popular
  • The Neighbourhood should be among the most coveted spots in the city for residential purposes.
  • The flats should be technically component
  • The living area should be more than 3000 square feet.
  • The flats should be equipped with all kinds of modern amenities.

Why is Mumbai developing as a most sought after spots for luxury homes?

Mumbai has been declared as the 16th most costly city in the world and one of the most sought after cities in investing for luxury properties in India. Real Estate Market also witnessed sales that was more than even considered of for the luxury property. To make most of the recent developments in the luxury homes sector, most of the real estate agents are building luxury homes in Mumbai. Many famed builders are cashing in on high demand for the luxury homes and are building homes like premium houses, condominiums and villas.

Which are the most sought after areas in Mumbai fir luxury apartments?

  • Worli: The residence of the crème-de-la- crème of Mumbai. The seaside view and the vicinity of the Arabian sea have resulted in the buying of all those dreamy flats facing the sea side in Bandra, Juhu etc. This area is also dotted with a lot of schools and colleges.
  • South Mumbai: The names like Juhu and Nariman Point does it ring a bill on your head? These locations in South Mumbai top the list of the most coveted luxury locations in Mumbai. The iconic landmarks and the famous schools, colleges and restaurants adds more glamour to the already famous locality of South Mumbai.

Amenities of luxury properties

  • Flats located in  prime locations gives their customers access to unthinkable amenities such as  schools, colleges of repute, hospitals, restaurants, vibrant nightlife and a lot more.
  • With the advent of the metro, some areas of Mumbai has become a goldmineand fully established as a commercial hub in Mumbai.
  • These prime locations enjoy good connectivity and are extremely well linked through road and rail too. Locations such has Andheri has prime hospitals nearby and is frequented by the elite of the society.

These are the reasons why Mumbai is getting prominence as the king of the luxury properties in India.

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