Reasons to Invest In Thane

Thane City is one of the prime cities in Mumbai, located in the north-eastern Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. The city is surrounded by many lakes, the most popular among them include Talao Pali. Parsik and Yeoor hills are among the most famous tourist locations in Thane. Thane has a very colourful cosmopolitan culture which is very similar to Mumbai. Thane has a very rich tradition of its own and all the festivities are celebrated here with pomp and show.

Thane is among one of the most developed educational sectors of Maharashtra. It is dotted with manymedical, professional and engineering colleges. Thane is also one of the biggest industrial sectors in Maharashtra which has much growth potential, as the government has much industry-friendly FDI norms in this sector. Also, the education sector is developing in leaps and bounds with more people choosing Thane for higher education and job options. Therefore, Thane is emerging as a potential place in Maharashtra, where foreign investors are thinking to invest.

Connectivity in Thane

Thane has a very well knit connectivity, not only to Navi Mumbai but also to the Eastern and Western points of Mumbai which is interconnected to Ghodbunder Road, Eastern Freeway, JVLR, SCLR, NH 8, the Thane-Belapur Road and most importantly the Mumbai-Nashik highway. Besides, Mumbai’s railway networkis also highly appreciated. The railway network has high connectivity with Central Harbour Line, Thane Pavel Railway Line

Furthermore the connectivity of Thane would be greatly enhanced if we take in consideration the proposed metro rail that has been proposed to run from the Ghodbunder Road with more than 10 halts within Thane itself. As soon as this metro is inaugurated, thetime of commuting between point A and point B of Mumbai will be reduced by half an hour.

Growth in the market of Real Estate

According to most famous real-estate agents, buyers who have decided to invest in Thane had enjoyed 300% growth in the last five years. Economic experts and market analysts foresee an estimated 40% increase of employment within the coming five years in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), and Thane, being a prominent industrial belt would play a part in it. Therefore, if Thane becomes a hub of both industry andeducation with multiple career opportunities, that  would ensure a major increase in the want of more housing and therefore could that would returns in the real estate market if invested in Thane.

As Thane, gains prominence in the map of Maharashtra the residential, commercial and the retail sector here has also seen a clear and definitive growth in rental income as well. Thus in today’s real estate world, Thane has not only been a golden bird in the affordable housing sector but has also seen a consequent rise in the investment in the luxurious housing sector as well.


In conclusion, it can be safely said Thane is a fast growing in terms of opportunities in Mumbai. It offers a different array of options for investment in all the different industrial sector and is blessed with excellent connectivity.

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