Real estate Social Media Marketing Tips to Win More Clients

In this 21st century, home buyers are tech-savvy and they depend more on social media than the website pages of any real estate agency. The trend of modern home buyers is that they want to know the pros and cons of a property before they take a move. Therefore, they want to interact with a real-estate broker, rather an individual who will help in making decisions unbiased. So, the chance of getting a response is ten times higher when promoting real-estate contents in a Facebook profile.


  • Posting photos on Facebook will grab more attention than anywhere else and it allows the users smoother browsing experience. Buyers can easily find out their desired property through a search engine and get a plethora of blogs on residential properties. That will answer to their demographic understanding. Interactive media like Facebook is always useful for a better understanding of the neighborhood. So, it is the first tip for the marketer to build a messenger chatbot, where the buyers can interact with the marketers personally. The benefit of a chatbot is building answers for similar questions commonly asked by the buyers.
  • The second tip is to highlight the city while promoting the property. You can add the facilities of the city where the property is located and add a map of roads connecting the highways.
  • The next tip for the marketers is, allow yourself to be on their side instead of saving your own interest. The buyers always prefer an agent who will protect their interest. In order to increase more followers on social media, the marketers should allow responsive layouts with share buttons on their website page. It will help the home-seekers connecting the real-estate marketers directly.
  • Similarly, using hashtags (#) can create more engagement on social media posts. It can be used relentlessly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, though Instagram allows limited use of it. Facebook gives the facility of making a real-time advertisement of property in a various way. For example, Facebook allows a 360-degree view of a residential property which covers every nook and corners that creates more interests to a buyer. Even it can capture the outside view of a property from its window, balcony, and roofs.
  • Similarly, Facebook live is a feature that allows the marketers to make an unedited video of the property and it lets the clients watch its current condition. The marketers can gauge their potential buyers through this by engaging a real-time audience. Sponsoring the events of community people and highlights the real-estate projects on local gathering is a good strategy for attracting clients. Facebook will allow the marketers to invite followers through their column of “Events”.
  • Apart from making events, marketers can access a lot of users with similar interests by creating a home-buyers’ group and inviting them. Even the clients can give reviews and recommendations that will boost the sell.
  • The last tip for the marketers is to educate the clients about the common mistakes of buying properties or providing tips for buying a home on social media posts.

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