Tips to become a successful Real Estate Consultant

The real estate sector today is booming with opportunities and the new generation today has a vast scope. With the changing policies in the real estate sector, business in the real estate is getting revamped and refurbished. The younger generation can take this opportunity to learn from this and inculcate their experience and expertise to making the real estate sector an organised one. Real estate consultants, who help in guiding customers to buy their dream homes according to their budget and expectations, carry out as much as 75 per cent of the transaction in the real estate sector.

Below mentioned are some of the tips and points to remember for being successful:

    • Consultancy is not necessarily a sales job but more of a servicing job where the consultant needs to understand in detail what the customer wants and sees to it that it is provided promptly. If one knows their subject well, speaks with clarity, knows the nomenclature, communicates clearly and knows the facts, they will be able to be a success in the real estate sector.
    • Nowadays, almost every individual has a smartphone with access to a good internet connection due to which consumers have become more informed; they know exactly what to ask for and expect. Hence, it is important to maintain transparency in terms of every parameter like taxation details, product details, commitments; all this should be documented before allowing your client to enter into an agreement with the developer.
    • Being a thorough professional, welcoming the client and even managing post sales is sought out by consumers while choosing their consultants. A broker is typically known to multitask and hence post sales and customer importance is one area which would be of significant importance.
    • With RERA coming in, playing the role of the consultants does not end with the customer giving you a cheque, it is just the start of the deal and hereafter, you have to handhold the customer through the entire construction process and ensure that they have a seamless experience because most of the buyers today are well informed and they do not like getting into the legal struggle late.
    • Understanding the psychology of the consumers along with understanding the post sales is very important.  According to the Indian culture, the consumers buy houses during important occasions in their lives like birthdays, anniversaries and on auspicious days like Guddi Padwa and Akshaya Tritiya as they want to make it a happy memory, this is something that the brokers today should facilitate.
    • Accessibility is an important trait for a consultant. Real estate consultancy or broking as a profession will never be taken over by a robot as it is something that requires an emotional human touch. People have to be accessible. A challenge to any consultancy is that when an exponential growth takes place, it is very important that we have to be accessible to all our new clients within a stipulated span of time.


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