The Science Of Marketing


“Gravitational Marketing” wow! what a book by Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller and Joel Bauer. Its all about attracting a customer.

Thats true customer is the heart of every business, so actual fight in the world is not of being No.1, not of selling more, again not of xyz but just to attract more customers. There are no Hard sell Tactics. There are no attempt at winning creative awards.

Everyone thinks Charles darwin said “The fittest survive” he didn’t. But those who understood wht he did say and who embrace it are the ones who will not only survive but thrive.

Charles Darwin said, “Its not the strongest of the species that will survive nor the most intelligent, but the one’s most responsive to change”.

our customers are counting on us but one thing for sure : if it isn’t our gravity they feel, it will be your competitors and once they are pulled in you won’t get them back. keep someone in a company who is in charge of keeping and controlling our Gravitational Potential. when we do our customers will love us, our market will embrace us and we will be controlling our gravity. not being held down by it.

Unfortunately people have a herd mentality. we know this to be true. we’ve witnessd it we have noticed this ourselves.people like to do things that they see other people around them doing. we are taught in school stand in line and follow the people in front of us-single file.

It’s not too late to go from obsurity to celebrity in a month or weeks or in days.

I work in NIIT education service company, i have seen for a center to grow it does not require months or years but just a different move of it make them stand differently. spending huge in Ads. never sounds me too realistic it should not be Biz Ability but Viz ability that matters.

I feel a company rather to spend in millions in Marketing, Branding and positioning. we should work on ESP of Organization. ESP here means Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous. this will definitely yield great returns.

Its really these author saya how to increase sales without even trying.

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